About Tim Herron

Tim has been a GM since 2014, has won numerous single stack titles, and continues to shoot enthusiastically, always pursuing improvement. Tim has been instructing since 2015, and loves working with people of all skill levels. His finely tuned eye for detail and personal "trial and error" experience gives him the ability to spot inefficiencies and that many people overlook.


His teaching style focuses on an individuals strengths and weaknesses, and he teaches classes with the sole goal of making sure no student feels left behind, ignored, or treated differently, regardless of their abilities or equipment. Tim fosters an atmosphere of fun and personal development, making a personal investment in the improvement of every shooter.



"I began shooting in 2010, after a lengthy career in auto cross racing. I loved shooting and wanted to improve, but got stuck in the B-Class rut with no light at the end of the tunnel. I practiced what I thought I should be practicing - spending hours at the range, burning through 1,000 rounds or more, and setting up whole stages that I'd repeat with very little progress. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to meet a few great mentors who opened my eyes to the things I'd been doing wrong and - most importantly - how to practice properly. After that, the pieces fell into place. 2 years later, I had finally reached my goal of becoming a high-level USPSA shooter by designing targeted practices for myself, isolating skills, and using fewer rounds in a better way."

- Tim Herron

Shooting Accolades

Tim Herron is a USPSA Grand Master in both Single Stack and Limited division,  a Master Class CDP shooter in IDPA, and has experience in defensive shooting, IDPA, Steel Challenge, bullseye and target shooting, Bianchi, and the occasional trick shot. Titles include, but are not limited to:

  • 2020 USPSA Single Stack National Championships- Top 16 Finish
  • 2020 USPSA Mile High Showdown-Single Stack Division Champion

  • 2020 USPSA Area 1 Championship-Single Stack Division Champion

  • 2020 USPSA Area 2 Championship-Single Stack Division Champion

  • 2019 USPSA IL Sectional Single Stack Champion (5th Consecutive Title)

  • 2019 USPSA New Mexico State Single Stack Champion

  • 2019 USPSA New Mexico High Desert Classic Single Stack Champion (2nd consecutive)

  • 2019 USPSA Alaska Sectional Single Stack Champion

  • 2019 IPSC US Nationals-Top 10-Classic Division (8th overall)

  • 2018-USPSA Handgun National Championships Single Stack Division Top 10 (7th overall)

  • 2018-New Mexico High Desert Classic Single Stack Champion

  • 2018-Illinois Sectional Single Stack Champion (4th consecutive title)

  • 2018-Kansas Sectional Single Stack Champion (3rd consecutive title)

  • 2018-3rd overall USPSA Single Stack Classic Nationals

  • 2018-3rd overall USPSA Battle in the Bluegrass

  • 2017- Top 16 USPSA Single Stack National Championships

  • 2014, 2017- USPSA Area 4 SS Division Champion

  • 2014, 2016-USPSA Area 3 SS Division Champion

  • 2013-2017- 5 time MO State USPSA Single Stack Champion