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Private Lessons

Private training is... well... private. Just you, me, a gun, and a goal.


Individual training is tailored specifically to your level, needs and goals. Whether you've been shooting for two weeks or 10 years, if you feel there's room for improvement and you can't quite put your finger on where, individual training might be a good place to start.


 Private training begins with a thorough assessment of your current skill level, and we'll use a number of tools to determine which facets of your performance can provide you the greatest benefit immediately. Ongoing individual training will include a progressive improvement approach, and is entirely custom, based on you.


I typically don't travel for individual training alone, BUT if you'd like training in conjunction with an existing class, or have a few friends who would also be interested in individual training on the same weekend, lets arrange something!


Private Instruction can be taken in 1 hour blocks, 4 hour clinics, or whole days!

To schedule private training, email me at, or send me a message via Facebook or Instagram below!

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Individual Training follows the following fee schedule:

1 Hour Private Training Session (200 rounds) - $150

Half-Day Private Clinic (400 rounds) - $525

All-Day Private Clinic (600 rounds) - $900

2-Day Private Clinic (1000 rounds) - $1500



Due to the custom nature of individual training, there is NO set curriculum. The training path will be determined by your own abilities, performance, and improvement goals. If you'd like to see the curriculum for the Practical Performance 2-Day class to get a better idea of what might happen, click here.




Round Counts: The round counts provided are SAFE ESTIMATES. You may not shoot all of them. If you want to bring twice as many, that's up to you. If you can only afford to bring half as much, give me a heads up and we'll adjust accordingly.


Equipment: Please, please, PLEASE make sure you have working, proven equipment, ammunition that runs, spare batteries (if you have an optic), and a backup if you think you'll need it. Malfunctions and consistent issues hinder your ability to learn, and you'll be wasting good money on a learning experience that's punctuated by gun or ammo problems. I hate to see students lose out on knowledge and training because of equipment issues. I cannot stress enough - I want you to get the most out of any class that you can - please make sure your equipment is running, zeroed, and proven.


Sustainment: You can't live without water, it's probably a fact. There’s a huge mental component to shooting. Please bring enough water and food to keep you and your brain going.



To discuss scheduling a private session you can either use our contact form, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or email me at!  I'll look forward to training with you!

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