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What's with the FREE 15-minute consultation you're shamelessly plugging?

  • Remember the last time you posted a video of yourself shooting, and 100 keyboard warriors crawled out of the woodwork to tell you that you were doing it wrong? This is nothing like that - but it isn't lost on me that it does SOUND a little bit like that.

  • So here's the deal... we'll have a chat, you and I. We'll take a look at your current performance level, talk about where you'd like to see improvement, what your goals are, how we're going to get you there, and most importantly: If online training is a good fit for you.

  • There will be certain instances where what I can offer you remotely will be limited, and there will be other times when you might reap better benefits from hands-on, in-person instruction. If that's the case I'll certainly guide you in that direction... but for all those other cases, give me 15 minutes to prove to you how much progress can be achieved with thorough performance analysis, and regimented practice plans that focus on your potential.


What can you really teach me online?

  • That's an excellent question, and I'm glad you asked. There are definitely things that are better taught in person. However, in the practical shooting arena, we can gather a considerable amount of information from the careful analysis of stage runs, videos, scores, and drills. We can identify things ranging all the way from fundamental hiccups, to lost efficiency in advanced performance. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of eyes. I've made the mistakes, and I'm pretty good at spotting them.


What's with the time frames?

  • I've found that the best way to apply yourself and improve is to set deadlines. Information is learned and retained better when you apply and practice it on a consistent basis. While our timeframes are only really recommendations, the best way to reap the most positive and quantifiable results from your investment (this is an investment, after all, in yourself and your potential), is to commit yourself to these learning windows.


Why does my first session have to be from a computer?

  • In addition to the technical difficulties that can occur in the field, or over cell networks, the first consultation is extremely important to establishing a baseline for the shooter, assessing performance characteristics, and displaying and scrutinizing video media. It's important that communication be clear and uninterrupted, so that the student may receive the maximum possible value. I don't want to short change you by dealing with technical issues while we're taking the first - and most important- step towards your personal development as a shooter.


...Where else would I do an online consultation from?

  • Anywhere. We can do an online consultation in your basement while you dry fire, by your reloading bench, or at the range for live-time feedback on your progress. They are your time blocks, and you can spent them however you want. If you wish to review videos during your consultation, you must either have the ability to play those over the video chat, or send them to me beforehand.


What can I use my hourly consultations for?  

  • Anything, actually. If you have questions on drills or your progress, would like to change or refine your practice plan, or anything else that springs to mind, that's what this time is for. Your first consultation must be from a computer with a good internet connection. After that, your consultations can be completed from a home computer, or the range, if you have the right equipment.


Consultations at the range... how does that work?

  • You'll need a device capable of performing a Facetime or Skype-type chat for one hour (with an external power source if necessary), a stable base for your video device, and preferably a bay or shooting area to yourself. Cutting down on noise and distractions, as well as having the freedom to perform practical shooting drills, makes a huge difference in the amount you'll be able to learn. Optionally, having a long range wireless earpiece will enable us to communicate without you having to return to your phone.


Remote Training FAQ


I'm sure you have questions, let's answer them!

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Let's set up a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether online training is a good option for you! (No, really, free means free. We'll discuss your current skill level, your goals, where you want to be, and how you want to get there.)



To discuss scheduling a consultation you can either use our contact form, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or email me at!  I'll look forward to training with you!

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