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Ask about a FREE 15-minute consultation session!


How does this all work?

At the risk of blowing your mind, online training will take place mostly… are you ready? AT THE RANGE.


However, since I can’t be everywhere and neither can you, most of our personal interaction will take place virtually, via video conferencing software. You and I will review your videos, your performance, your current practice and improvement strategy, and analyze where your greatest potential improvement areas lie. Then, we will construct a plan specifically for you.


I’ll be honest: this is hard work, and it requires consistency, commitment and dedication to be successful. Much like having a remote personal trainer, you’ll be provided with rigorous practice plans, evaluations, suggestions, and drills… and it’s up to you to put in the dry fire and the range time. As you progress, we’ll check-in periodically to measure improvement and update your plan. Tape your practice sessions, send me your match videos… if you have Facetime or Skype, let’s go to the range! Our options are unlimited!

Online consultation can be done by the hour, or as part of a "Personal Training Package." I recommend a package, because I believe that much better progress can be made with periodic check-ins, structured practice, and commitment, and remember: packages include guidance and support for any hiccups or questions, throughout the duration of your package.  I also realize we’re all ammo-poor, and a package may not be in the budget - check out our hourly training! Read on for more details...


How Does Online Training WOrk?

Hourly Consultation and Mentoring Sessions - $75/first hour, $30/each additional half hour

This includes everything that can be completed live-time, during the meeting. Please come prepared with videos you'd like to review, and any questions you have. Hourly consultations can take place from your home, the range, or wherever is convenient for you. This is a perfect way to obtain professional, personal coaching at a fraction of the cost. I do ask that your first session be done from a computer with a good internet connection.

Personal Training Packages

Packages are designed to offer you a complete training program in an online format. Your access to professional training should not be limited by location, we're here to bridge that gap, and make quality training and guidance available to everybody, regardless of their ability to travel far and wide to organized classes.  

First, you and I will get together for an online "face-to-face" meeting. We'll review some of your videos, your goals, where you feel your shortcomings are, make assessments, and form a plan of action based upon your current match performance and abilities.

We will then develop a Personal Improvement Plan - this is your plan, made for you, based upon where you want to be.

Your Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) will include:

  • a set of drills and exercises designed specifically to address your potential areas of improvement

  • a practice plan

  • a personalized goal set for you to drive towards

  • ongoing support for the duration of your package, to help you with any questions or concerns


Personal Training Packages include multiple hours of online consultation - we will use these to conduct periodic "check-in" meetings to discuss your progress, and update your Personal Improvement Plan with new drills, goals, and a revised practice plan to keep your progress moving at the best rate we can.

Each Package concludes with another online meeting and video review where we will assess progress, findings, and talk about your learning experience in general.

Take a look at our complete training packages HERE.


I'm sure you have questions, let's answer them!


Not quite ready to take the plunge? Let's set up a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether online training is a good option for you! (No, really, free means free. We'll discuss your current skill level, your goals, where you want to be, and how you want to get there.)


To discuss scheduling a custom clinic you can either use our contact form, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or email me at!  I'll look forward to training with you!

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